Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anne's Portrait 5th Sitting

The fifth sitting of Anne's portrait. We did another four hours yesterday and I finally feel it's starting to get somewhere. I reworked much of the face, concentrating on the eyes. It's starting to become a painting rather than just an illustrative picture. We start our session in late morning and the sun moves gradually over Anne's face. There is a lot of reflected light coming in from her left side and from off the floor. If I was being more pragmatic about it, I wouldn't have set it up with direct sunlight and in fact when we started, there wasn't any! My studio space has a lot of windows on three sides, and so it's quite difficult to control the lighting. It's becoming more of a problem to me and I'll have to address it at some stage soon.


Erika Husselmann said...

I am enjoying this journey through your portrait painting of Anne. What an interesting face. I am in awe at your handling of your thick paint, almost as if you're sculpturing her face at the same time. The colours are beautiful. Keep going!

Paul Hutchinson said...

thanks for following this journey Erica! Not sure where its going or how long it's gonna take..!