Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Recently I had the opportunity to do some painting from life.  Inna is a young woman from Jeruselum, traveling New Zealand.  She saw my exhibition in New Plymouth and emailed to ask if I knew of any artists requiring a professional model. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss so we ended up working together for about ten days.  As well as being beautiful and charming, I found Inna very intelligent and good company and I learned a lot about Israel and the sensitive political situation there, a subject I'm all too ignorant of.

Here are a couple of oil sketchs on paper we did.  I started two larger paintings, however, Inna's time in Taranaki was limited and so they remain uncompleted.  I have got photographs and a few drawings, so I may be able to do some more work on them in the near future. But it's never the same for me, not having the sitter's phisical presence.  I'm coming to the realisation that for me, at least, the interaction with the subject is everything and the painting is only a secondary record.

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