Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bottle Painting in Progress

I havn't updated this blog for quite some time! I'm not sure if anyone reads it but anyway...
Here is a painting of bottles in it's early stages that I recently started.

I concentrated on the transparent bottle with the red pencil in to start with, mainly because I was unsure about how to paint it. I find coloured glass much easier and more satisfying to paint. People always ask "how do you paint glass?", I was pondering this as I painted and decided  that painting glass is easy; it's painting the other side of the glass that's tricky.


Kay said...

Totally understand about lack of blogging... but keep blogging... occasionally we make time!

Have you got a (free) stat counter so you can see where your readers are and how often they drop by?

I enjoy your work, great 3D effect coming up with this one.

Paul Hutchinson said...

Thank you Kay! Yes I've got a stat counter. I think I get one or two visiters every day or so on thsi blog, I get a few more on my postcardfrompuniho.blogspot too.