Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Self Portrait 1985 2015

 I've recently been looking at some early work to see how the paint is holding up. In most cases it is holding it's own better than the images...

This was a self portrait painted some thirty years ago. I have always used white lead wherever possible in my painting, knowing that it's unique physical properties, as well as being highly desirable from a painterly point of view, imbue it with a rugged permanence.  As you can see from the close up, the paint has not cracked or flaked at all.  It is a pity that white lead is getting very difficult to obtain because of mamby-pamby toxicity concerns. the irony is that now I have to grind my own from the dry pigment and it is in this form that it is most toxic. I simply wear a mask.

Anyway, this image seemed to also be holding it's own, but there were some areas that didn't work, especially the background. So I repainted it and also tightened up some other areas here and there.

It is interesting looking back on how I saw myself as a young man. It has a certain aloof arrogance that I don't think I feel now.

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