Monday, June 4, 2018

Roll your Own Chalk Pastels

Every now and again i feel i ought to make use of the modern tech and social media platforms, that artists now have at our disposal in order to disseminate our work. Show and Tell, in other words.  The problem i find is in deciding which of the constantly changing and confusing avenues, is the right one to concentrate my efforts. People who've known me for a while, are possibly aware that i kept a Painting A Day blog for many years. That was very successful for me for about 8 years and then interest seemed to wane. I started another blog called Another Day, which was a play on that whole daily practice, but it has never generated the same interest or following. Partly because of the rise in dominance of Facebook, i suspect. Sure you can link to blogs and so forth, via FB, but how effective is that? Now i notice that FB itself is waning with more people opting to use Instagram or another of the umpteen social media platforms. Its difficult to know where to concentrate your energy!

Anyway, i wanted to document in some fashion my current real world medium, ie home made chalk pastel, so i bit the bullet and shot a few videos. I always feel uncomfortable and self consious. I also find it disconcerting seeing myself, seeing how worn and damaged i have become. But thats part of it as far as i am concerned, its a self portrait.


old swimmer said...

My sound was out, so that was a bummer. But it was wonderful seeing you work on your portrait with handmade chalks-- the application (along with the careful consideration before applying a stroke) and the blending...all inspiring, Paul. Lovely light for your presentation. Love that misted window light source! Huzzah! Susan Holland

Paul Hutchinson said...

Thank you for watching Susan! Even if you missed out on my waffling on! Hahah!