Sunday, April 3, 2016

Chris Scott

This is my cousin Chris Scott. Younger brother of  Mark and son of Valerie and Malcolm Scott.

This was an odd picture to paint. It seems to be an old photo taken some years ago, which has then been rephotographed, and now turned into a painting. I kind of like all these transitions of the original information. Each layer of transformation contains it's own distortions and artifacts, such as the flash of the camera on the righthand corner of the photo, and the key-holing effect of the original perspective. These all add up to give the image a kind of hallucinatory, or dreamlike quality. And it is kind of like how our minds skew and distort our past memories, I think. 


Julietann Nowell said...

I appreciate the aliveness going on, a lot happening in this one. regards, J.

Paul Hutchinson said...

Thank you Julie. Glad you like it.