Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mark Scott

This is my cousin Mark, again, on my father's side. The son of my father's sister, Valerie, and Malcolm Scott.

When I was still living in England in the early seventies, Mark was still a little boy, and I have memories of a large and exuberant child, who would leave our Nana Hutch rather exasperated, in spite of which she always had a soft spot for him!  Much later, I got to know Mark a little bit as an adult, on his several visits to New Zealand with his two eldest sons, Alex, and Adam. He works in IT and seems to travel the world quite a bit.

He still has a bit of the childlike about him, as his profile pic with a lemon snowfreeze, or something, indicates!

I had a bit of difficulty getting this one right and had to have two goes at it.

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